Libraries of Amn.

A Bar-Fight Suprise.

The tales of the heroes begin in an inn in the small town of Lerdeth in the land of Amn.
Three people unrelated to each other; Ro’gar, LumiĆ©re and Kerdan where enjoying a drink at their free hours as a group of four men burst in the door and stopped to survey the room.
A few moments later, and one of them proved to be a sorcerer, filling the common room with flames as he clearly attacked one of the patrons.
Defending themselves, the strangers drew weapons and charged into combat.
Kerdan soon decided to break and search out the guard, returning as all but one of the thugs had been slayed.

The strangers where taken by the guards to the closest barracks for questioning.

This is a short example of a log.
I’ll improve it when I’m less sleep-deprived.



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