Wounds System

Wounds and Vitality.

Instead of the HP system provided in the D&D 3.5 rules, we will be using a modified version of the Wounds and Vitality system provided in the Unearthed Archana.

Vitality Points are equal to the amount of HP a character would normally have.
These represent the skill, willpower or pure luck a character has, which can be summoned in a moment of need to dodge an arrow or turn the wicked spear jabbing at his face away just enough that it merely nicks his chin.

Wound Points are equal to the character’s constitution score.
These represent the character’s actual wounds along with your natural healing-speed, pain-treshold and just plain “toughness” which helps him recover and fight on even when he is bleeding from wounds all over his body. And how long he will last before bleeding out.

Game Mechanics.

Taking Damage.

When a character takes normal damage, it is first removed from his Vitality Points, and when they are depleted, his Wound Points. Vitality is in effect a “buffer-zone” which the character uses to not get hurt.

If the attack is a critical hit, the damage is not multiplied as with the HP-System, but is applied directly to the character’s WP.

When a character takes even a single point of WP-damage, the character becomes Fatigued.

Any character taking WP-damage must do a fortitude save vs DC (5 + Damage done by the attack) or become stunned for 1d4 rounds.



Wounds System

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