A big and direct Half-Orc Barbarian.


Character Sheet:

Name: Ro’gar Campaign: Libraries of Amn. Player: Christian
Race: Half-Orc Class: Barbarian 1 Alignment: True Neutral Diety: Orc Pantheon.
Size: Medium Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 7’
Weight: 310lb Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Skin: Dark Grey
Str: 19 +4 Max Vitality Points: 14
Dex: 15 +2 Max Wounds: 14
Con: 14 +2 Speed: 40ft.
Int: 10 Initiative: +4 +2[Dex] +2[Agressive]
Wis: 9 -1
Cha: 6 -2
Save Total Base Ability Misc
Fortitude: +4 +2 +2
Reflex: +2 +0 +2
Will: -1 +0 -1
Base Attack Bonus: +1 Armor Class: 14
Melee Base Attack: +5 Touch Armor Class: 11
Ranged Base Attack: +3 Flat-Footed Armor Class: 11
Grapple Bonus: +5 Damage Reduction: 1/-
Attack Name Attack Bonus Damage Critical Type Range Notes
Battle Axe, MW +6 1d8+4 18-20 (x3) Slashing Melee Main Hand
Hand Axe +5 1d6+4 18-20 (x3) Slashing Melee Main Hand
Battle Axe, MW +4 1d8+4 18-20 (x3) Slashing Melee Main Hand, Full Attack
Hand Axe +1 1d6+2 18-20 (x3) Slashing Melee Off Hand, Full Attack
Armor name AC Bonus DR Bonus Type Weight Speed Check Penalty Spell Failure
Studded Leather +2 1/- Light 10 lb. 30 ft. -1
Skill Name Total Ability Ranks Misc
Climb +8 +4 4
Jump +8 +4 4
Listen +3 -1 4
Move Silently +2 +2 0
Search +0 +0 0
Spot -2 -2 0
Survival -2 -2 0
Intimidate 2 -2 4
Swim +4 +4 0
Languages: Human, Orc, Condathan?
Trait: Agressive: +2 Initiative, -1 Armour Class
Feats Special Abilities
Two Weapon-Fighting Rage 1/day
Darkvision 60 ft.



Ro’gar was born and raised in an orc camp in the lands of Amn. As a child he was strong and aggressive, praised by the other tribesmen, they expected allot from him, but at the age of 10, his encampment was attacked by raiders, their motives unknown, but he witnessed his family die before his eyes. He was taken away by then, the ones who didn’t fight back were taken as slaves. Ro’gar now a slave was sold to an arena master, aiming to raise the young orc into a bloodthristy combatant in the arena, who would win the favor of the people he fought before. Eight years passed, with Ro’gar fighting and defeating combatant after combatant, gaining the popular nickname “Bloodrend”, a name he was very fond of, taking it as his surname for when he would gain his freedom. After a dominating battle, with Ro’gar the obvious victor, he had cought the eye of someone, his new contractor. After the battle he was called in for a meeting, to meet his new boss, Nasfar Darkbane. Now Nasfar and Ro’gar roam the land of Amn together and Ro’gar still hasn’t found his goal in life, but for now his goal is fulfilling the work Nasfar gives him.


Groups of intrest.
“Spectators” Varies. Ro’gar buildt up a light fan base when he was a fighter, but he doesn’t know how to respond to them properly.
Familiy Unkown. Due to him being taken away from them, he has no idea if they’re alive or not.
People of Interest.
Arena Host (Name still not known) Dislikes his bad investment in selling a top fighter away, sends people now and then to try to convince him back, becoming more and more hostile with every encounter.


Libraries of Amn. Hebraus