Libraries of Amn.

Introductions to Lerdeth

Last time on our guest, it all started in a police prison. There they met a small Gnome by the name of Alistar and the shady cleric of Nasfar. They decided to find out why Perned got…burned. The heroes went to the Chruch of Lathander. After finding Perned, they found out that he had gotten in trouble with the Dernet’s Men. The heroes decided to lead Perned out of the town safely and put his assassins on the wrong course. After that they decided to investigate more on Perned’s game The Cats Paw. They found out that his associate met at the bar where Perned…got burned. After Rogar’s “terrific” speech skills had been shown, the Cats Men left the building in rage. Nasfar and Alistar decided to chase after The Cats Paw member which left the bar in hopes of apologizing for Rogar’s behavior and get some information out of them. To be continued



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